About Us - Transworld Building Trades & Contractors Liability Association
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About Us

General Description

Transworld Building Trades & Contractors Liability Association (TBTCLA) is a non-profit industry association of building trades and contractors that provides individual members with access to liability insurance through the association. Liability insurance can be difficult for industry professionals, especially small operators, to obtain. TBTCLA provides a solution for insurance needs.


What is an RPG?

RPG refers to a “Risk Purchasing Group” authorized and formed under the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986. During the insurance crisis of the 1980s, Congress passed legislation allowing certain industries to form groups for the purpose of obtaining insurance because many smaller industry participants could not obtain or afford coverage on their own.

When was TBTCLA established?

TBTCLA was one of the first RPGs formed under the Risk Retention Act and began operations in 1986. TBTCLA , formed in Utah, is registered in all 50 states to provide insurance coverage to members and has been a continual provider of insurance to the outdoor industry since formation.

What are the advantages to TBTCLA?

TBTCLA has been available to the industry for 20 years and will continue to be available. Unlike many markets, TBTCLA has not come and gone over the years. TBTCLA has been constant. As a result of continual service to the industry, TBTCLA has vast experience handling industry specific claims and sticks by its Members. TBTCLA remains committed to providing a defense for Members rather than simply entering into “nuisance” settlements which can have a devastating long-term effect on Member’s businesses. If a defense is warranted, TBTCLA will provide it.

Who provides the insurance coverage?

“TBTCLA obtains its insurance coverage from an AM Best “A” rated insurance carrier.”

What is group insurance?

With group insurance, a master policy is issued to the insured organization, in this case TBTCLA, and each member is issued insurance through a certificate that adds the member to the master policy.

Does my operation have its own coverage?

TBTCLA ‘s coverage specifically provides each individual member with his, her, or its own limits of insurance so coverage is not limited by other members’ claims.

Does TBTCLA provide "real insurance"?

On occasion, insurance brokers may say RPG coverage is not “real insurance,” but they are mistaken. In fact, TBTCLA offers coverage from Lloyd’s of London, one of the oldest and most reputable names in the insurance business. RPG’s should be looked at carefully to make sure they have expertise and experience in the industry and obtain coverage from a reputable insurance name such as Lloyd’s.

Can my insurance broker get a commission?

Unfortunately for insurance brokers, TBTCLA does not pay a commission to producers. The Association goes direct to the insurer for coverage so no commissions are paid. In some circumstances, this is why a broker may tell a client that RPG’s are not “real insurance.”

How much coverage do I need?

Historically, the insurance industry has encouraged as much coverage as possible; however, lower limits are frequently more than adequate to provide owner operators with all the coverage needed. Additionally, having higher limits often provides clients and their attorneys with more incentive to sue because more money is available under the policy. TBTCLA typically quotes $100,000 per accident and $300,000 aggregate for a basic quote for most risks-although optional higher limit quotes are provided and offered. TBTCLA can provide up to several million dollars in coverage.

Does TBTCLA coverage meet state requirement?

TBTCLA is registered in all states to provide insurance and the coverage offered generally meets all state requirements. If you have specific questions, please contact the state office that regulates your activities. Additionally, TBTCLA coverage is also accepted by state and Federal regulatory agencies such as the National Forest Service and others.

Is premium financing available?

Yes, premium financing is available for Members. All quotes provided to TBTCLA members include financing options from Greenlight Premium Finance.

How do I become aTBTCLA Member?

It’s easy, click on this link to the Membership page and sign up.

How much does an annual membership cost?

TBTCLA ‘s membership fee of $80 annually can be paid by check, EFT, or credit card.

What does my membership fee pay for?

TBTCLA , as a non-profit association, does incur costs associated with accounting, marketing, and administration. Membership fees pay the cost of doing business and attracting new members to ensure a continued industry group.

How do I contact TBTCLA?

You can contact us by phone, fax, or email.